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Hot Sheet

Connecting busy executives to information that matters

A collection of some of the best web sites on the Internet

The easy way to the best on the World Wide Web

Ref Desk


Library Spot

This web site has EVERYTHING you will need to find information of the web

Unlimited access to books and information on the web, Free of Charge

This site lets you have the library, and then some, on your desk top

Info Please

Info Space

The Gateway

All the knowledge you need in one location - Almanacs, Atlas’s & More

The easy way to find business and people. Number, Names, NOW

High quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources


Pink Monkey

Ivy Essays

Free novel summaries, character analyses, online texts and review questions for English & other subjects.

Study guides, chapter summaries, study tips and test preparations. Partial summaries for review at NO CHARGE

Sample essays and services of admission counselors who will review & revise college admission essays.


Tutor Hunt



Connecting Private Tutors & Students


Places to BUY TEXTBOOKS on line

Books Price

Cheapest Textbooks

Course Smart

Textbook Media


Barnes & Noble

B & N


Open Course Ware

Yale University


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